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Aimee Alexander is the pen name of bestselling Irish author, Denise Deegan. Her uplifting novels are frequent book club suggestions and Amazon bestsellers, all available on Kindle Unlimited.

Aimee lives in Dublin with her family where she regularly dreams of sunshine, a life without cooking and her novels being made into movies. Born in Cork, she was delighted to set her latest novel Season of Second Chances there, a story of small town and rural fiction reminiscent of All Creatures Great and Small and Virgin River.

All of Aimee’s books are set in Ireland. Encouraged by her readers’ reaction to her Irish sayings, her latest offering is the quirky and fun gift book, The Little Book of Irishisms: Know the Irish through our Words.

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The Little Book of Irishisms

If an Irish person said to you, “Gimmie that yoke,” would you think they were talking about an egg? If so, 99% of the time, you’d be wrong. How about banjaxed, bockety or craic? Any idea what they mean?

The Little Book of Irishisms is for anyone who wants to understand the Irish, not just how we speak our version of English, but how we are as people, relaxed about some things, picky about others. It’s also for those who'd like to sound Irish, even just for St. Patrick’s Day. An ambitious goal. But why not “give it a lash for the craic?”

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Featured Books

Season of Second Chances

When leaving is just the beginning…

Grace Sullivan flees Dublin with her two teenage children, returning to the sleepy West Cork village where she grew up. No one in Killrowan knows what Grace is running from – or even that she’s running. She’d like to keep it that way.

Taking over from her father, Des, as the village doctor offers a very real chance for Grace to begin again. But will she and the children adapt to life in a small rural community? Can she live up to the doctor her father was? And will she find the inner strength to face the past when it comes calling?

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Pause to Rewind

A story of love, tough choices and the triumph of the human heart

Jenny Dempsey has exchanged life in the fast lane for freelance journalism and being a mum. She doesn’t look back. Why would she? A broken engagement to her fiancé, Dave. A falling-out with her parents. And a night in a hotel room best forgotten. Life is simple now. Jenny’s little boy, Charlie, is starting school, beginning to build a life independent from her. She needs to reclaim her own. Life, though, has other plans. When Charlie is diagnosed with leukaemia, Jenny is forced to confront her past and everything she has turned from. But she will do anything… for Charlie.

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The Accidental Life Of Greg Millar

How well do we know the people we love?

Lucy Arigho is not the sort to be swept off her feet. She is sober, career-minded and numb since the death of her fiancé. It’s completely out of character for her to race a man in traffic – and even more unusual when they meet again and she is irritated, intrigued and finally enraptured by the driver, author Greg Millar.

Within eight weeks, she is considering his pleas to marry him and wondering if she can take on his two motherless children. But before she can make a decision about becoming part of Greg’s world, events plunge her right into it. Her careful existence unravels and she must figure out how to handle two vulnerable children and face the fact that she doesn’t really know the man whose life has so overwhelmed hers.

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All We Have Lost

What having it all is really like.

Kim Waters seems to have it all: her own PR agency, a loving husband and two adorable children. Then Kim announces that she’s fed up plugging Flush toilet cleaner and writing sparkling press releases for mediocre products; she wants to write ‘the great novel’ and spend more time with her young family. She folds her business and settles down to a life of cosy domesticity.

If only it were that easy. The ‘great novel’ is, in fact, a great struggle. Life as a domestic goddess has (many) hidden challenges. And her relationship with her husband is rapidly losing its equilibrium. As the perfect life Kim has built for herself starts to crumble comes the revelation that will make her doubt everything she had taken for granted…

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Through the Barricades

Aimee writes historical fiction under the name Denise Deegan.

Winner of the SCBWI Spark Award

One boy. One girl. One revolution.

The story of Maggie and Daniel is one of friendship, love, war and revolution, of two people who are prepared to sacrifice their lives: Maggie for her country, Daniel for Maggie. Their mutual sacrifices put them on opposite sides of a revolution. Can their love survive?

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And by the way

When the last person you want is the first person you need..

Six months ago, Alex lost her mum to cancer and her dad, “The Rockstar”, to work. Now, she doesn’t do close. With anyone. That way, she won’t get hurt again. Her friend, Rachel, just won’t get the message, though. And that’s a problem. So is David McFadden, a guy in their class who says he wants to help. Six months ago, he could have but didn’t. Now, it’s too late. The last person Alex is going to listen to is David McFadden. When he calls her Ice Queen, she’ll show him just how right he is.

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