The Butterfly Novels

Aimee has written a contemporary Young Adult trilogy, The Butterfly Novels under the name Denise Deegan.

And By The Way…

When the last person you want is the first person you need.

Six months ago, Alex lost her mum to cancer and her dad, “The Rockstar”, to work. Now, she doesn’t do close. With anyone. That way, she won’t get hurt again. Her friend, Rachel, just won’t get the message, though. And that’s a problem. So is David McFadden, a guy in their class who says he wants to help. Six months ago, he could have but didn’t. Now, it’s too late. The last person Alex is going to listen to is David McFadden. When he calls her Ice Queen, she’ll show him just how right he is.

And For Your Information…

For those who loved The Fault in Our Stars and Me Before You.

When Sarah’s caught shoplifting, it feels like the end of the world – especially when her posh best friends don’t have a clue about what it means to be broke. But forced community service introduces her to Shane – handsome, angry, and possibly the best thing that’s ever happened to her. And the worst. Because Shane is sick. Can Sarah let herself love knowing she might lose?

And Actually…

The past returns. This time it will be different.

Rachel’s friends think that she’s the strong one. She has no idea how that happened. When she gets a part in a TV drama, it brings her face-to-face with Rebecca, a bully from her past. Last time, she ran. This time, it’ll be different. She’ll stand and fight for her future and her friends.


As with all of Aimee’s books, the Butterfly Novels are available on Kindle Unlimited.

All three Butterfly ebooks are available as one box set for incredible value.


‘The Butterfly Series has been some of the best reading I’ve done this year.’

‘(Deegan) shows considerable insight into the minefields of adolescent friendships and knows how to keep the pages turning.’

‘Before I knew it, I was being sucked into this Dublin version of The OC.’

‘This is an absolute gem of a series.’

‘The novels so far would make a brilliant television mini-series.’


All three Butterfly ebooks are available as one box set for incredible value. The Whale, The Goldfish and Senor Martin is the story of how Alex, Sarah and Rachel first met. It’s a novella rather than a novel so consider it a chocolate rather than a full box. That’s why it’s just 99c plus tax.

The Whale, The Goldfish and Señor Martin

For those who don’t want the Butterfly Novels to end, go back to the beginning with this heart-warming short story about how the friends first met. Only 99c.

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