The Little Book of Irishisms – ebook drops

Happy to announce that The Little Book of Irishisms is now available as an ebook. It nearly killed me but the little fecker is HERE. And it’s currently the #1 New Release in Irish Travel.

For those of you on Kindle Unlimited it’s freeeeeee.

Amazon reviews:

“How I wish I’d had this clever little book 25 years ago when I was working with a team of Irish craftsmen when I was building my house. They tried to teach me a few handy phrases but it would have been so much fun to watch their expressions when I came back with a few of my own. I’m looking forward to a post-pandemic time when I can gather with my friends of Irish heritage and share my new-found linguistic skills. And you can be sure this book will be tucked in my carry-on for that top-of-bucket-list trip to Ireland when its safe to travel again.”

“We visited Ireland three years ago and I would love to have had the book with me.”

“This is a great book, and will absolutely save me some confusion when I get around to visiting. I’ll probably be giving these out as stocking-stuffers this Christmas.”

For those of you who have been waiting, I’m sorry for the delay.

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