Want to Speak like an Irish Person for Paddy’s Day?

Want to sound Irish for St Patrick’s Day – or anytime? That great resource on all things Irish www.IrishCentral.com published an extract from my new book, The Little Book of Irishisms: Know the Irish through our Words. You can read the extract HERE.

The Little Book of Irishisms isn’t just for people who want to sound Irish (good luck with that!), it’s for those who’d like to know what we’re talking about when we say things like: “Gimmie that yoke.” Or: “Banjaxed, bockety, craic…”

As well as tricks to Irishify your banter, it helps you to avoid those clangers that people think we say but never do, like the classic, “Top of the morning to you.”

It’s the perfect Paddy’s Day gift for anyone who loves the Irish in them.

For a free taster of the book go here: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/11hsvrp3or

To buy the little gem, go here: mybook.to/Irishisms

Very soon, you’ll be away in a hack, so to speak.

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